San Diego, CA, US

Vividion Therapeutics is seeking an experienced senior computational chemist. Vividion is a

privately held biotechnology company based in San Diego that is leveraging an innovative and

proprietary chemical proteomics platform that is built on the pioneering work of Prof. Ben

Cravatt and co-workers at TSRI. This platform can interrogate the proteome for binding sites on

any protein of interest while simultaneously delivering novel chemical matter. With this

platform, the company has already identified multiple protein targets of high value and potential

leads in both oncology and immunology. As an early stage startup company, Vividion is looking

for energetic and experienced candidates with a desire to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team


As the founding member of the computational chemistry department, the successful candidate

will be responsible for working closely with senior scientists in the internal medicinal chemistry

group and the internal structural biology group to design new compounds via computational

methods guided by co-crystal structure and advance lead optimization programs targeting these

high value proteins. Other expectations include physiochemical properties analyses, model

construction for proteins of unknown structure, SAR analyses and library design to facilitate

platform enhancements. The preferred candidate will have experience with the Schrodinger

suite of tools including FEP and Live Design.

Minimum education and experience requirements include:

• PhD with 5+ years of computational chemistry experience in biotech or pharma

• Track record of success in advancing programs to clinical candidate nomination

• Highly organized and able to work in a fast-paced team environment

• Ability to multitask and adapt to changing priorities including devoting time and energy

to building up internal infrastructure as needed

• Strong written and verbal communication skills