Senior Scientist - Cell Cycle at Repare Therapeutics
Montreal, CA

Repare Therapeutics develops novel, precision oncology drugs that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells. Repare integrates insights from several fields of cell biology including DNA repair and synthetic lethality, combining a proprietary, high throughput, CRISPR‐enabled gene editing target discovery method with high‐resolution protein crystallography, computational biology, drug discovery and clinical informatics.  Repare was founded by leading experts at the forefront of DNA damage and repair cancer biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal screening technologies.  The company has assembled a seasoned team of industry veterans and a world-class Advisory Board to support the development of next generation precision oncology, small-molecule therapeutics.  Repare Therapeutics is a 2017 “Fierce 15” start-up backed by tier-one strategic and institutional biotechnology investors (


Repare Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated and team-oriented research scientist to join our biology department and help advance our portfolio of synthetic lethal cancer therapies. The individual should have extensive knowledge in cell cycle biology, apoptosis, DNA repair/cancer biology, microscopy-based assay development/optimization and biochemistry-related techniques. The scientist should provide expertise in designing cell-based assays and be able to conduct experiments aimed at understanding the mechanisms of action of lead compounds in support of lead identification and lead optimization activities. Candidates must have the ability to communicate clearly, collaborate and enjoy a fast-paced and hands-on research environment.



  • Establish an expertise and maintain a thorough understanding of cell cycle biology, apoptosis, DNA damage and repair and cancer biology.
  • Develop cell-based readouts (medium to high throughput) for our drug discovery programs using FACS, cell sorting, high content imaging, microscopy, cell proliferation assays (clonogenic, Incucyte, WST1/MTT, BrdU, EdU etc.) and apoptosis-related assays (caspase 3, Annexin-5, TUNEL etc.)
  • Plan and execute experiments to understand the mechanisms of action of lead compounds
  • Execute experiments in a timely, efficient, and independent manner
  • Present clearly and succinctly in a variety of internal settings
  • Good organizational and time-management skills including the ability to manage several projects simultaneously
  • Excellent team work approach – work as part a cross-functional team including biologists, medicinal chemists and structural biologists



  • M.Sc. + 7 years or Ph.D./Postdoc + 3 years relevant experience in Molecular Genetics, Cancer Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, or related fields
  • Deep understanding and experience in cell cycle biology, apoptosis, cell proliferation, cancer biology and DNA repair are required
  • Expertise in cell and molecular biology techniques needed (proliferation assays, microscopy, cytogenetics, high content imaging, PCR, immunoblotting, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate in an open, clear, timely and consistent manner
  • Outstanding organizational skills (lab book, experimental design, reagent cataloging, etc.)
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and utilize judgement to prioritize tasks
  • Ability to work as a team member in a dynamic, fast-paced biotech environment where you can make a clear impact
  • Experience in pre-clinical drug discovery is an asset