New York City, NY, US

Black Diamond Therapeutics is a next-wave cancer precision medicine company. Black Diamond pioneered the development of selective medicines for patients with genetically defined cancers driven by oncogenes activated by allosteric mutations. Using its mutation, allostery and pharmacology (MAP) computational and discovery platform, Black Diamond is uncovering new ways to functionally assess the mutational landscape of individual oncogenes – to discover and validate new targets and develop novel approaches to creating highly selective therapeutics.

Black Diamond has an immediate opening for a Research Associate Scientist – Discovery Biology. The applicant should have significant laboratory experiences using standard molecular and cellular biology techniques. The incumbent will validate allosteric oncogene targets and establish cell-based assays to evaluate compound activities against allosteric oncogene targets.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

• Engineer mammalian cell lines to harbor allosteric oncogene targets

• Establish cell-based assays for compound evaluation using engineered cell lines or cancer patientderived cell lines

• Evaluate compound activities against allosteric oncogene targets in engineered and patient-derived cell lines

• Analyze, interpret and present experimental results to project teams

• Collaborate and interact with colleagues to complete assigned research projects

• Maintain clear and up-to-date experiment record and prepare study reports


• BS or MS in biology, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, pharmacology or a related scientific field

• 2-5+ years of experience in cancer research or drug discovery in a pharmaceutical and/or biotech environment; applicants from academic research lab will also be considered

 • Ability to work independently and in team environment