Computational Biologist (Scientist/Senior Scientist Level) at Jnana Therapeutics
Boston, MA, US

Jnana Therapeutics is an exciting startup focused on modulating the SLC family of metabolite transporters in key disease pathways using a novel drug discovery platform. The company is focused on inflammatory bowel diseases, disorders of immunometabolism, and neurological disorders – areas where we believe drugging SLC transporters will provide effective medicines for diseases of high unmet need.


We are seeking a creative and self-motivated computational biologist, who will play a key role in identifying, prioritizing and advancing our interest in metabolite pathways and specific drug targets. This person will mine human biology data, including disease genetics, proteomics, metabolomics, and tissue and single-cell RNA-seq, to generate hypotheses and drive the execution and interpretation of the follow up experiments and results. There will be additional opportunities to support advances of the Jnana drug discovery platform and portfolio using their skill set. We are looking for a person with a PhD, ideally with industry experience, and a desire to be a part of a dynamic team.

We value scientific rigor and intensity, but we are equally committed to building a fun and welcoming team.


  • PhD in relevant field with 5+ years in industry preferred
  • Experience in generating hypotheses from human data from multiple sources using appropriate but contemporary computational approaches.
  • Collaborative researcher with strong teamworking skills
  • Desire to contribute insights outside of core expertise
  • Ability to adapt to frequent change and thrive in a dynamic and entrepreneurial early-stage environment