Fab Operator at Microfabrica
Van Nuys, CA, US

The Fab Operator will be responsible for manufacturing proprietary, designed products using MEMS technology.

Operate photolithography, plasma dry etching, plating, polishing, measurement and inspection, wafer cleaning and etching, etc.

Assist engineering to troubleshoot issues and to document processes. Follow documented procedures and capture data, results into database.


Manufacturing: 50%

Inspection and testing: 50%

Documenting processes: 5%

Training: 5%

Preferred Experience

Previous experience working in semiconductor / MEMS manufacturing environment.

Preferred Education

Minimum 2 years college education.


The applicant must be comfortable working in a cleanroom and handling chemicals.

Must be able to handle small parts under a microscope, take measurements using standard microscopes and enter data using standard PCs.

Available to work overtime as needed.