San Diego, CA, US

Vividion Therapeutics is seeking a highly-motivated Senior Scientist to contribute to the

identification and development of novel small-molecule drugs. Vividion is a privately held

biotechnology company based in San Diego that is leveraging an innovative and proprietary

chemical proteomics platform to efficiently discover novel drugs in multiple areas including

oncology and immunology. As an early stage startup company, Vividion is looking for energetic

candidates with a desire to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment.

As a member of the chemistry department, the successful candidate will be able to contribute to

all priority phases of the drug discovery process including library growth, hit identification, hit to

lead, and lead optimization. The preferred candidate will be comfortable balancing the use

traditional approaches and exploring novelty on the cutting edge of modern small-molecule drug

discovery. Attributes such as curiosity, fearlessness, creativity, instinct, focus, attention to

details, and a willingness to challenge dogma will differentiate the best candidates.

Minimum education and experience requirements include:

• PhD +/- post doctoral experience in synthetic organic chemistry

• 3-6 years of pharmaceutical experience in small molecule drug discovery with a clear

understanding of therapeutic hypothesis and assay relevance

• A clear command of modern synthetic methodology coupled with proven hands-on

experience and reaction mechanism

• Solid problem-solving and communication skills

• Highly productive in the lab along with hands-on experience using modern lab hardware

• Ability to work in a multi-functional team environment